ooVoo™ New Plan for Small Businesses Offers an Easy and Affordable Video
Conferencing Solution with Desktop Sharing, Pay as You Go, and International Phone

NEW YORK – JULY 20, 2009 Today, ooVoo unveiled the latest upgrade of its popular multi-point, cross-platform video communication solution, Version 2.2 and a new business plan, designed to appeal to business users looking for video conferencing solutions that offer high quality video with key collaboration features such as desktop sharing. Other new features include pay as you go options, international calling, and text chat history.

Addressing the needs of rapidly-expanding remote workforces and economic pressures to limit travel expenditures, ooVoo’s new plan for business brings affordable, real-time communication solutions for video conferencing to the market, allowing multiple people to meet on video at the same time, complemented by powerful business features such as desktop sharing during video calls. Easy to download and set up, ooVoo only requires a Web cam and broadband connection so customers can be video chatting in minutes. ooVoo is building upon its strong consumer offering to deliver new and existing business customers the highest video and audio quality at $39.95 a month. ooVoo for business, which includes desktop sharing and offers discounts for multi-seat purchases, is designed as an integrated video conferencing and collaboration solution to help businesses increase productivity, cut costs and save time.

Users can experience ooVoo’s crystal clear video calls without the commitment of purchasing a package in the free 2-way video plan. Users can now add on additional video windows (up to 6) per call when the need arises. The convenient pay-per-use billing is also currently available for phone minutes to the US, Canada, Germany, Italy, UK and Israel.

“ooVoo continuously strives to become the most affordable and dependable high quality, easy-to-use internet-based video communication experience, whether at home or work,” said Philippe Schwartz, CEO of ooVoo. “With our new business plan we’ve made our services even more appealing to those looking for an alternative to expensive, high-tech video conferencing services.”

With desktop sharing, ooVoo business users can now provide their video conference participants instant access to their presentations or documents while they continue to converse face-to-face which all keeps business running smoothly. Like ooVoo for consumers, business users can also share files, text chat, send video messages, record conversations, experience high definition video quality and more. Unlike systems tied to conference room set ups or high-tech equipment, business users -- whether in a remote hotel room, in an airport or working from a home office. ooVoo goes anywhere to make sure work continues unhindered and quality face time with important clients and partners never suffers. ooVoo promises no more stalled calls and long silences as a participant fumbles to open up an email attachment.

To further enhance the ooVoo video conferencing experience the business plan eliminates banner advertisements from all video conversations for plan purchasers and anyone they invite to join a call. ooVoo’s business plan, at $39.95 a month, costs a fraction of the cost of just one business trip and allows unlimited video conferences with up to six locations at one time – and up to twelve locations when an additional six are conferenced in with the phone feature. With the ability to add seats to a plan for a nominal fee, everyone in the office can be set up with their own ooVoo user name to connect face-to-face with co-workers, distributed work teams and clients.

ooVoo remains the most robust cross platform multi-point internet-based video communication solution. With more price flexibility and pay-as-you-go options, ooVoo offers incredible value at an affordable price to consumers and businesses. Its popular Web Call Link to video connect friends that haven’t downloaded ooVoo and the ability to easily embed video chat rooms into blogs or web sites, make ooVoo available to everyone, anywhere in the world.

About ooVoo
ooVoo provides a high-quality webcam video chat and communication service that delivers a meaningful way for people to call and connect over the Internet. ooVoo’s technology enables people to experience a face-to-face conversation and share a full range of emotions as if they are in the same room together, whether they are across the street or across the globe. ooVoo’s superior quality video and audio are available to anyone with a computer, broadband connection and a web camera, for real-time video calls with up to six friends, relatives and colleagues simultaneously. ooVoo offers high-resolution video, video conversation recording, telephony, video messaging, instant message chat and file sharing among other capabilities.

ooVoo is privately held and headquartered in New York, NY. You can learn more and download free ooVoo software at http://www.ooVoo.com.

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