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V'Rooms Web Chat Room

Your V'Room is your place to hangout with up to 12 friends in HD quality. Access your V'Room from PC or mobile, and hang out with friends.
More friends
Up to 12 people can join you in your V'Room. That's a lot of friends.
No download required
Set up a room instantly at . It's easy, free and the fastest way to start chatting with your friends on ooVoo.
You own it
Make your V'Room permanent and its yours forever. Share it with whomever you want, and access it on your mobile* or on PC at any time. Reserve your name now at .
*To access your V'Room on mobile, you must download the ooVoo app to your phone from iTunes or Android Market (some restrictions apply).
New users:
Set up a V'Room instantly from . Once you have set up your V'Room its easy to share your chat room with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or email.

If you want to access your V'Room from mobile, you must download the ooVoo video chat app from iTunes or Android Market. Available for select smartphones.

Existing users:
As an existing ooVoo user, you have already been assigned a permanent V'Room based on your ooVooID. Look for the V'Room button in your roster, click once and enter your V'Room instantly. All your online ooVoo contacts will be automatically notified that you are hanging out in your V'Room, and they can join you by simply clicking the link provided. Want to create another V'Room? Make as many as you want at .

If you have ooVoo on your smartphone, launch your V'Room by simply clicking on the icon in your ooVoo Taskbar. Notify your friends, and have 12 people at once hanging out with you immediately!