University Partner Program

How do faculty members use ooVoo?
Video chat is changing the way we communicate, and ooVoo is helping educators do what they do best in a whole new way.
ooVoo brings innovation and added value to education.

Office Hours

Connect with your students on an unprecedented level.
  • Video chat - Meet individually or with a group up to 12
  • Web chat rooms - Just like your open door, students can drop in and out.

Extensive Collaboration

Work with students, professors, researchers, or graduate students regardless of their locations.

Innovative Lectures

ooVoo can enhances the educational possibilities.
  • Video chat from anywhere - Guest lecturers can speak to your class from any location.
  • Call recording - Record any video chat call or message and play back for a whole classroom to view.
  • HD-quality video - The back row won't miss a moment with ooVoo's high clarity and resolution.